Our vision statement says something about the strategic work that God has called us to here in Canning Town:

"Anointed by the Spirit of the Lord to release FREEDOM and NEW LIFE."


We achieve our vision by providing practical and pastoral public benefit support and care to people in our community at every level. Our aim is to enable people to get support, and find and fulfil their potential, from whatever background they come from.

We achieve this through Three R’s:‘Reaching, Resourcing, Releasing’

  • Reach people wherever they may be.
  • Resource people by helping to identify and mentor them in their gifting.
  • Release people to help influence society with the power of God's love for His kingdom.


RCC Ltd is a charitable company whose key objective is to provide quality services to the local Canning Town community.

  • We are motivated by our faith-based ethos, and provide services that are accessible to all
  • We are centred around people and not just buildings
  • We work in partnership with other charities that deliver our core aims
  • We are committed to modelling a caring and compassionate environment
  • We seek to be agents of positive transformation and change in our community and the wider world

Key aims

RCC has three main operational community aims:

  1. To deliver projects that are within our ethos, scope and gifting
  2. To create a safe and economically viable place, including buildings, that enables us to deliver our projects and give space for our partner charities to fulfil their objectives as part of ours overall
  3. To provide projects that deliver a variety of public benefit services including childcare, training, employment, support groups, advice and affordable accommodation