Looking to the future

We have a vision, it comes out of what has gone on before and it is being worked out in the present, but it is radical and far reaching. We want to continue to deliver quality public benefit service to local people, but expand where possible.

Our long term and exciting vision is predominantly about serving people, but our facilities are tired and no longer fit for purpose. We are therefore in the process of trying to see this change.

Our discussions with Newham will see our old and inefficient buildings transformed and renewed as part of a wider Regeneration Scheme in Canning Town and Custom House. The change to our facilities is not just about new buildings, but for the benefit of the people, our community. We want to see a long term legacy in place for future generations with facilities that are fit for purpose, accessible and to modern standards.

Canning Town is changing, major redevelopment plans are already being implemented, including an amazing new Town Centre for Canning Town opposite the Tube and Bus Terminus. We realised over 10 years ago that we either stay as we are, working well at doing small scale projects and making do with what we have which is limited by our resources, or we can change as well. We decided to take the opportunity to consider designing and developing new state of the art buildings that will be fit for purpose and enable us to carry out the work that we want to do in the future. We are therefore in dialogue with Newham Council to meet mutual aims for increased housing, community infrastructure and high quality facilities.


Together we will deliver an attractive, sensitive Masterplan that will serve both the existing community as well as those that will be coming as part of the Regeneration. We want bring people in and help them to feel at home. We want to make a difference not just short term, but long term, for the sake of all who need public benefit provision. Part of this process will be consultation, and so look out for information that will be provided in due course.